An experience for you and for your well-being


A relaxing massage

Can you imagine enjoying a relax massage in this peaceful environment?

A massage which will prepare the body and mind to relax. It will bring you unique sensations of relaxation. It will improve posture, stimulate blood circulation, relieve physical and emotional tensions, fight anxiety, headache, insomnia, irritability and lack of concentration.

Come on, try it!

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Step Classes

Don´t lose the habit of doing exercise, a regular practice of physical exercise increases lifetime

Fitness classes are available at the gym as well as gym in the water by appointment.

Hydro- gymnastics

There is no age limit for the practice of water aerobics. Water, fun and conviviality are fundamental elements.

Water aerobics is a very complex and comprehensive sports practice, adaptable to different goals and populations, hydro gymnastics harmoniously combines the well-being that water provides us with music and conviviality.

Enjoy, relax and have an Experience between

nature, culture, gastronomy and beautiful landscapes with DourOeste